process finan indepFinancial Independence

When we ask our clients what their number one goal in working with us is, most often they say, "financial independence." Defining that term, and then helping our clients achieve it, is essential to the service we provide.

What is financial independence? Loosely defined, financial independence is the ability to generate an income sufficient for your needs without having to work – or simply having the option to work or not. For many, the goal is to retire at 65 and be financially independent. For others, it is to cut loose at 50 and never work again. Others just want the flexibility to stay home with the kids for a few years and learn to live on one income rather than two.

No matter what your personal goals are, we help you analyse the realities of your financial situation and make recommendations to help put you on the path to where you want to go. Opportunities to fund your life without a job do exist – you do not have to win the lottery or be born into money. Financial independence can come in the form of income-producing rental properties, wise investments, ownership or sale of a business, or through royalties on inventions or creative works.